Backstory and The Bohrdoon

17 Mar

Yesterday and today i uploaded the backstory for the rpg as well as the backstory for the Bohrdoon. the Bohrdoon is the second playable race in Exodium.

i really like the backstory, i think it fits well and connects my original ideas together and allows alot of my newer ideas to work and make sense. i really want to try and create a good story for everything and make it feel as if a lot of things aren’t just randomly placed.

Exodium is meant to be a Role Playing Game, so it should have unique races with great backgrounds within a unique universe not yet seen in RPG’s.

Believe it or not i have alot of information for the game already written down. most of it will need to be altered as i had originally written it in the pre-text of it being an MMOG. but since its going to be a Dungeons and Dragons type of game alot of things need to be re-written.

alot of the content of the game needs to be thought out too. thats where alot of the remaining work is.

thanks for anyone who’s looked at my blog so far. if anyone is interested in working on Exodium please e-mail me at , and/or make a comment some where on here. thanks!

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Posted by on March 17, 2011 in General


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