Skill System, OGL 3.5e SRD Rule Set

30 Mar

recent page added explains the skill system i developed for the game. i like it, as its fairly simple but is also complex and is a bit of a combination of skill systems i’ve seen in various games i’ve played. i would have to say that , 5 Tiers for skills might be too much 🙂 quite possibly it’ll just be 3 at the start; no doubt it will go up over time with release of new levels and new content for said levels.

i’ve been doing alot of research and such and i found out about the OGL and the SRD that Wizards of the Cost created. at first i thought this was bad news for me, but in turn i think it was good; as i plan now to use the 3.5e SRD rules for my game. i’m only doing this because the rules i was going to make very much mirror the ones from 4e. so, might as well just use the OGL so i can freely use the 3.5e rules without being sued or anything like that. plus, those rules have already been made, so i dont have to spend any time making rules myself. this may sound like a cheap way to get out of things, but i really do agree that the rule set created by WotC is very good and very simple. the real originality from my game is the story and the skill system, as well as some other things. and to be honest, thats really where alot of games get their praise for. rule sets and dice rolls and RNG’s; they’ve all been re-used many times. its hard and nearly impossible to re-invent the wheel when the wheel already works so good that theres no point in re-inventing it.

me and a friend are working on the skills themselves for the 7 magics and the 3 mastery’s. i think by this weekend i’ll post some info about where we’ve gotten so far.

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