4/13/2011: Skills Update, Area’s

13 Apr

finally finished the pages for the 7 types of magic and their Tier 1 skills!

currently working on skills for the 3 masteries, hope to have those done by the weekend.


i also started brainstorming the different types of area’s players will play the game in. heres a short list i made today in class.

  • Ship-Ship  Combat. fight inside the hull of ships. boarding actions.
  • Satellite Bases
  • Caverns within large rocks in space
  • Moon Bases/ outposts on large planetary bodies that have no atmosphere.
  • ”             ”   Fields * the ”  ” is going to be a name of something. i have yet to come up with it yet.
  • Planet Surfaces
  • Under water, underwater caverns, underwater cities
  • Sky battles, cities in the sky.
  • Forrests, swamps, savannah’s, barren wastelands, deserts, glaciers, volcano’s, winter/summer/fall/spring climates.
  • Cities and villages. above and under ground. Feral and Advanced.


Possibly some kind of Dream World , as well as Other Dimensions and alternate realities. lots of different settings.

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