4/21/11: Updates

21 Apr

i’ve finished the tier 1 mastery skills and will start putting them on the blog for people to see. they are very simple skills and passives, so dont expect anything amazing. the reason is because the tier 1 skills for magic/mastery’s act as catalysts for one another. these basic skills are basic because they will be combined together to make the Hybrid Skills in tier 2 and up.

Tier 2 and up will have skills that are stronger skills unique to various magic’s and mastery’s. i felt like excluding some skills because i dont want player to be too strong at the start, and i feel that some skills should be accessable later; in this case in Tier 2.

i havent yet figured out what level players would have to be to reach the various tiers. i’m thinking maybe level 10 would be a good level for players to be high enough to access a new tier. because the way it works is based upon the amount of skills points one person puts into a specific magic/mastery.  10 points in one would unlock everything in tier 2, and so on. so i might make it so you get 2 skill points per level, so players can have access to some hybrid skills once they reach tier 2. and players wont have to worry about Tertiary Hybrid skills in tier 2, as there wont be any. i think Tertiary skills will be in tier 3 and up, maybe tier 4 and up; not sure.

i’ve also done some wonderful creative thinking about 2 unique alien races players can encounter in Exodium. i’ll figure out a page for them sometime soon, and i think people will like these first two i thought up of randomly before i went to be 2 nights ago in like 30 minutes 🙂

i have also done some research on possible names for the prefixes and suffixes for the modifier on equipment. since there are 26 prefixes and 26 suffixes, and i think there will be 4-6 levels for each of those midifiers, i’m gonna need to come up with 300 different names for each modifier type. i think i’ve got maybe a 100 alreay that i spent like 45 minutes coming up with them via the web.

i most likely wont make a large update till next week because i’m focusing on going to a rave this weekend. i’m very excited so thats my main goal for this week 🙂

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