Mastery Pages Complete. Changes to Flow of Combat

04 May

finally i got to it and created pages for the three mastery;s, and you can now look at them under Masteries and Magics. you may notice some differences from the mastery pages and the magic pages. this difference is because the magic pages where created when i was still using the normal D&D system, AC and all that. since i’ve created my own, those magic skills needed to be altered to better accommodate these changes. i’m also making changes to the new system i came up with as well. its fairly simple at that

instead of DC players have Armor and Evasion scores. Armor is a passive score based off of the total armor given from the players armor pieces, their NA(Natural Armor) and their MA(Magic Armor). Armor reduces the total amount of damage when you take damage. the highest total armor possible is 100, giving you 95% damage reduction. this is a total of each type of armor and it cannot go over 100**for now**

players roll to evade when they are being attacked. just how you roll a D20 to hit someone with an attack, and add modifiers to your hit roll (and subsequent damage roll if you hit the target), you roll a D20 to see if you evade the attack; as well as adding related modifiers to enhance your chances to evade. originally you could not evade if your armor score was higher than your evasion score; but because of the math and making both or one or the other a passive or actively rolled score, that system was too complex or just flat out did not work. this system work alot better and is the simple system i was working for. i want the flow of combat to be simple, quick; but yet different from D&D and unique to make it stand out and be a different experience.

with this system, the new stat Cunning was added. this stat effects your Evasion Mod. i also added the mod calculations on the character attributes page to better understand how they’re added up.

so i’m going to go back through all the magics and get rid of the “vs. AC”, as well as bolding any +’s and i’ve adding two new acronym’s with the addition of the Mastery skills:WBD(Weapon Based Damage) and WBR(Weapon Based Range). most, if not all, magic’s in tier 1 wont use WBD/WBR , but the ones in tier 2 and higher most likely will.

i’m glad to see my blog has ~1300 views 🙂 thanks to everyone who’s viewed my blog over the past few months. keep viewing it every week!

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