Character Sheet

10 Jun

i want the character sheets for players to be simple and easy to navigate and understand. so it will be organized in this way:

the front side of the page will have all the totals for everything: max hp, dice roll for weapon +attack mod, total evasion,total fortitude, total willpower, dmg% reduced based on total armor(will show total armor # and then the % reduced next to it. this also includes magic armor), speed, damage mod for melee/ranged/magic(this will show next to the dmg dice rolled for that weapon), critical rolls, Current Zeal/ Vim/ Adroit/ Cunning/ Acumen/ Essence/ Allure/ Cadence Attributes.

the front page will have spaces for character/player name, level, race, sex and class.

the front page will also have a small layout of gear currently equipped: armor/weapons/accessories. weapons will be in their own boxes with all of their related info; I.E. their attack rolls when using that weapon and damage rolls. (the layout where your current gear is shown may or may not be in there. it will if it fits)

the back of the page will have all of the formula’s for each total that is shown on the front page. players will fill these formula’s out with their relevant data, get a total # and then put that total on the front sheet. this makes it so everyone only needs 1 page for their characters.

this setup lets players not need several pages for their characters. a simple flip of their page is required to edit any total’s seen on the front page.

any skills the players use in combat and what not will be on a separate page the player can print off/make themselves, or use the primary core rulebook of which will have a detailed list of all the skills players can use in an easy to find format. this idea is still under debate and may not be the final version of exodium,


i’m happy to have found someone who can assist me with Exodium. hopefully he can give me some valuable insight and help carry part of the load :). thanks you very much.


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