How will Exodium play? you may be wondering.

31 Jul

The Galaxy that Exodium exists in is constantly moving. the actions of the players will effect everything. if you want to play as a Bohrdoon and assist the Overlord, whom controls the Megiddian, to control the entirety of the galaxy; you can do this. if you want to roll a Megiddian and fight against the Overlord, you can do this too. there are many factions and governments that have their own agenda’s and you can involve yourself in any of them. these saga quests will play out as you play through them, and they will change the whole game as you go through them.

as an example, you can roll a Bohrdoon and fight against the Zev. the Bohrdoon were first destroyed by the Zev and want to destroy them, so you can start the long quest chain that leads to the ultimate destruction of the Zev homeworld. This would then mean that the Zev are defeated in your game, save the random amounts of Zev people who may have escaped or exist elsewhere. does this mean no one can roll a Zev again? no, as the GM you play with can certainly come up with a unqiue way to introduce a new Zev character. this applies to all of the playable races.

the majority of the minor races are meant to have a large amount of content that revolves around them. you can fight against the Legion of Waal, and defend those whom are being attacked by is legion or even gather up a large force of people and try and destroy him completely. fighting against Kreesha , who has enslaved the Sigmure’phon race, is also possibly and creates a large epic dungeon that players can play through.

There will be several other random encounters and events through out the galaxy that players can spend a few hours doing. many worlds will have common fauna and flora that can be fought against. you can traverse into the lair of some monster and defeat it. you can roam through a forest and kill any animal or beast you encounter; gain exp and items to use or sell later. there are many uninhabited worlds with mysterious monsters and various ecology that you can fight against; gigantic beasts the size of skyscrapers.

When people play Exodium , a set of starting points for quests will be given so players know where they can go to start a quest. other than that, players can learn about all the planets and solar systems and various monsters and beasts and factions and so on; so if one doesn’t want to start a quest yet and simply wants to destroy stuff, you can roam out into a bog and fight against monsters and gain exp and progress your character

can different races play with each other? yes, and this obviously depends how much your group wants to role play. creating your characters identity is the first thing you want to figure out when you play Exodium. figuring out what you’re character is going to be and do is very important. when playing with a group of people, its best to figure out you want to do as a group; that will make the game go much smoother as you’ll all go on the same saga quests and do very similar things. if you want to branch off and do things in a solo manner you can do that if you want, it might make the GM’s job harder but it’s possible to do if you so wish.

i hope this helps a bit with explaining Exodium as a whole. if there’s something i may have left out…email me.

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