Campaign Idea

17 Aug

writing this down quickly before i get, where better than on here?

i just had an idea for what could possibly be a decent campaign theme. there is a species/race that consumes worlds. yeah, its kind of been done before, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t cool. i think i could tie this in with one of the secondary races. the theme would be either you can let the secondary race live or die; or kill them both! i think there could be a lot of good combat situations and role play potential.

using John Varleys Gaea theme; i thought of doing my own rendition of the story. but since i have yet to read all 3 books, i don’t want to butcher his story so i decided to instead do it this way. players can scan galaxies and asteroid belts and what not to potential find these giant toroidal/spherical objects floating in space. these will act as mini-dungeons where players can defeat enemies and aquire loot. after players have gone through several of them, the following one, like the 6th one they do, will unveil a complex story line they can follow; essentially turning into a campaign on its own. but i think i could leave it up to the players if they wish to pursue the mystery of these floating treasure troves or not; meaning players can continue to raid more of the ones they find and not having.


ho boy, another random thought

The Helga worlds. controlled by the Ivixxi Tyrant Cqwuu. the Helga worlds are a string of worlds that are in the same solar system but have controlled orbits which allow them to never collide with one another. This string of planets controlled by the Ivixxi are called the helga worlds because of a HELGA class deep-space-probe that was sent out by the K’tchek.

that’s all i got for now.

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