New Menu’s, World Eater Campaign

18 Aug

you may notice i have changed the menu layout a little bit. i moved the minor races under playable races, and will change the name “Playable Races” to just “Races/Species”. next to the races menu tab is a new menu named Game Content which has information about the World Eaters campaign. On the Game Content page i will have links to the various bits of content within Exodium; Mini-Skirmishes, Head Hunting and Campaigns.

Mini Skirmishes are small battles between races. meant for fast combat and a quick way to gain some experience and exp.

Head Hunting is kind of like bounty hunting. Going after criminals or what not. sometimes on certain planets and towns it involves killing a beast that has been causing trouble.

Campaigns are long story arcs that are focused around a certain event and involves the player in one way or another. some are shorter than others but over all Campaigns will be long and involves all kinds of role playing and battles. Some campaigns may even decide the fate of an entire race!

The World Eaters campaign is the first campaign theme i have come up with. i’ll do my best to work on the beginning of it and detail it all the way through. but this will of course take some time so i may also complete some mini skirmishes and head hunting before hand.

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