Further description of the zev race

02 Jan

Here I will update with more descriptions of each race how I see them visually.

Starting with the zev. The zev look like normal humans do, as they are the last remaining full link to ancient humans. Bipedal with two arms, , five fingers on each hand and five toes on each foot; two ears and eyes, a normal shaped head, this is how all zev look like when born. From here on they choose their own physical manipulations. Most keep to default human form to preserve the concept of human form, some stray from the path and aim for surreal variants of the human form.

Modifications range from different grades of metal used for their frames. As they age, the more bodily modifications are needed. Some retrofit their brains into inanimate objects. Science has made life immortal because the brain is fully converted to an artificial one after a certain age. These brains are easy to come by and are composed of large amounts of special RAM, ranging in the exabytes of space. The rest is computing power with passive cooling with minor water cooling. These brains are stronger than ancient human organic brains and last much longer. The brains can be changed and rebuilt when there are hardware issues; this is because the memory is backed up to the net and the persons mind is never lost because it is saved on a home family server as well as other various servers owned by private companies. This ensures that if the body of a zev is destroyed that the mind is always kept intact. It is very hard to kill a zev wholly due to backups being constantly made.

Most physical forms of zev are based on climate. The zev world is heavily covered by the super structure. The structure is designed to self create and repair, as well as to leave very little room open for normal vegetations. The structure is so vast that there is no need to go “outside”, because there is no longer and atmosphere as there is a self-perpetuating one inside various geodomes spread around the structure. Real solar light is reflected from outside using giant mirrors, so zev can enjoy a natural world within their man-made environment. The structure has many unique zones , where certain zev with particular taste like to dwell. Most zev have simple apartments to sleep and are often not there but are out walking around or lounging in techno lounges. Zev are always connected to their intranet as their are net-relays everywhere. Most common business are shops, restaurants or lounges of various styles to cater to all possible tastes a zev could want. The zev world is very utopian.

The zev want to learn all there is to know, which is why they span the galaxy in their scout and war ships. They are ever cautious in case of a progenitor attack. The zev find new alien races all the time and do trade with them as well as learn all they can about them. Not often though do the zev find a race that is hostile. The zev tend to win because few races are as developed as they are, plus their numbers are far greater which gives a further upper hand. Many planets with unique climates are popular vacation spots for wealthy zev persons. Many artists venture off world to view amazing vista’s to create new works which they sell digitally on the net back home. Rarely are physical art works sold as they are expensive to create and move around.

That’s about it for the zev. They’re very much like humans nowadays, extrapolated upon with thousands of years of evolution applied to the mix. If anything I hope we become somethin akin to the zev.

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