Bastion Mastery: Tier 1

1 of the 3 Mastery’s players can use.Bastion Mastery focuses on large weapons needing two-hands. on this page you can read about the Tier 1 Bastion skills. Tier 1 Skills are generic skills and are for lower level characters.

_____________Large Weapon Expertise

  • Passive. Increases damage and chance to hit rolls with all two-handed weapons by +1/2/3/4/5

_____________Leaping Strike

  • Standard. 100% Shatter. Range 4. 2d12 damage. the player jumps at the enemy using the tip of their weapon to strike the target.


  • Standard. Range 1-2. Hits whomever is in the three squares in front of where the player is. Damage is based off of equipped weapon. Roll for each enemy in range.


  • Passive. (1d6-1)% to activate. you train yourself to use the momentum from your large weapon to deal more damage to make your attacks faster. adds +1 to hit/damage rolls when it activates

_____________Interrupting Strike

  • Immediate interrupt, Battle Power. 100% Concussive. Range 1. Stuns the enemy, dealing 2d8 damage and stopping their turn. can be used if you are being attacked or if someone adjacent from you is being attacked.


  • Standard. Range 3. 100% Shatter. 2d12 damage. Strike in a direction to hit an enemy, piercing it and hitting the target behind it.


  • Standard. Range 2; AoE 2. His all enemies around the player. damage is based off of weapon currently equipped

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