Character Attributes

Every character, whether it’s the players or a random fly flying around the ground, will have the following set of attributes. these are the primary attributes that effect everything a player does and can do. every character starts with 10 of each attribute. every 2 points put into an attribute will increase its modifier by +1

List of Modifiers:

  • Attack and Damage Mod’s(Melee): Zeal Mod+Passives
  • Attack and Damage Mod’s(Ranged): Adroit Mod+Passives
  • Attack and Damage Mod’s(Magic): Acumen Mod+Passives
  • Critical Mod: Total damage dealt multiplied by 1.5/2/2.5/3/3.5/4
  • Evasion Mod: Cunning Mod+Passives+Every 10lvl’s of Adroit
  • Fortitude Mod: Vim Mod+Passives
  • Will Mod: Essence Mod+Passives+Every 10lvl’s of Acumen+Every 20lvl’s of Allure


  • Zeal is the primary attribute for offensive melee users.
  • Increases damage and your chance to hit with most weapons.
  • Every 2 points of Zeal increases your Zeal modifier by 1
  • Every 10 points of Zeal Increases your Natural Armor by +1


  • Vim is the primary attribute for defensive players.
  • Effects your total HP. every 2 points of Vim will increase your hp by a certain amount , based on the Vim HP table. Vim adds a certain amount of HP to your base amount, so increasing your Vim will jump you up to the next VHPLVL( Vim Hit Point Level ).
  • Every 2 levels of Vim increases your Fort modifier by +1
  • Every 20 levels of Vim increases your Natural Armor by 1( +1 mod to Armor )


  • Adroit is the primary attribute for ranged weapon users.
  • Adroit is short for Adroitness; it effects your Reflex modifier.
  • Adroit is also used for ranged weapons for their hit chance and damage rolls.
  • Every 2 points of Adroit increases your Adroit modifier by 1
  • Every 10 levels of Adroit increases your Evasion modifier by +1


  • Cunning is the primary attribute that effects a players Evasion score.
  • Every 2 levels of Cunning increases your Evasion Modifier by +1


  • Acumen is the primary attribute for magical users.
  • Almost all magical skills use Acumen for their damage rolls and hit rolls. If you plan on being magic heavy it is wise to Invest most of your points into Acumen.
  • Every 2 points of Acumen increases your Acumen modifier by 1
  • Every 10 points of Acumen increases your Will Modifier by +1


  • Essence is a secondary attribute that does not fit a specific archetype
  • Essence effects your Willpower modifier.
  • Some Magic skills use Essence for their rolls; This makes essence a good secondary attribute for most magic users.
  • Every 2 points of Essence increases your Will Modifier by +1
  • Every 20 points put into Essence will level up your VHPLVL


  • Allure is a tertiary skill not commonly used in combat.
  • Allure helps various skills with their hit rolls and damage rolls.
  • Allure also makes people like you more or less.
  • Every 20 points put into Allure increases your Will Modifier by +1


  • Cadence is not really an attribute, per se.
  • Cadence is essentially your HP regeneration counter.
  • During combat you can “Take Cadence” , which will use up your Standard action to give you a certain amount of HP.
  • You can “Take Cadence” outside of combat as much as you want and the amount gained is double what you get during combat.
  • Cadence increases as you level up; X*2+5 ( at level 1you have a Cadence of 7 ) X=Player Level

Every Player also has their defensive attributes. These are modifiers to the types of defensive rolls players make when being attacked by certain skills, if they’re being poisoned or if someone is trying to instill fear into their mind. These defenses are increased by the primary attributes above.


  • Your Armor is a total of all of your defensive equipment. Helms, Body Armor , Gloves, Leg Armor, Greaves, Shoulder Armor, Shields etc.
  • Your Natural Armor score is added to your total Armor score.
  • Magic Armor is also added to your total Armor score.
  • Your Armor score reduces the amount of incoming damage. a high armor score will greatly reduce the damage you take from physical and magical attacks.
  • A High armor score usually means you will have a low chance to Evade an attack

Natural Armor(NA)

  • Natural Armor is your base armor score.

Magic Armor(MA)

  • Magic Armor comes from either a passive skills, an active modifier, or some bonus from an item or trinket.
  • If the bonus to armor granted by MA makes the players total Armor more than their Evasion, the player can still roll to evade when being attacked.


  • Your Fortitude is what prevents DoT’s spells and skills from effecting you.
  • All DoT attacks are vs Fort.
  • Fort is based off your Vim score.


  • Your Evasion score is your ability to Evade in-coming attacks.
  • Evasion is always rolled first to see if you evade an attack or not.
  • In order to Evade you have to roll a d20 and get equal to or greater than your opponents attack roll.
  • If you fail an Evade roll your damage reduction is then calculated and you take damage. some skills can do additional damage if you fail to evade.


  • Your Willpower is what keeps your mind sane and allows you to control your body.
  • Any skills or item that effects the user’s mind will always be vs. Will.
  • Your Will is effected by your Essence attribute

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