Crafting System

in the universe of Exodium not only will you find equipment from local tribes and various alien races, you can create your own equipment through crafting.

various NQ(Normal Quality), HQ(High Quality) and SQ(Super Quality) items will drop from beasts and most races. some of these will be items like teeth, skins, organs and other various specific parts of their bodies. These ingredients will be used for creating tons of equipment your character can use.

using HQ and SQ materials increases the chances of obtaining the HQ or SQ version of the item you are crafting. HQ and SQ equipment will have increased base stats as well as a different look to them compared to their lower quality versions.

Recipes can be gained from your travels, but most races will have various master crafters you can visit where you can view the types of equipment that NPC can make for you.

As players fight tribes on planets and local alien races as well as other space-faring alien races, these races will drop actual equipment. it doesn’t make sense for a RocBoar to drop a sword…animals don’t carry around swords! so only various races will drop gear related to their level and what type of race they are. certain races use certain types of gear. There is a chance that the gear they drop will be a magic item. magically imbued gear has percent increases and pure -/+ increases to stats and skills and other various modifiers. These magic items can be broken down to obtain an essence based off of the Prefix or Suffix that the magic weapon had in its name.

These essences can imbue any type of equipment the player uses; mainly armor/accessories and weapons. these essences can only be used on a piece of equipment that doesnt have a Suffix and/or a Prefix. this promotes trading and searching for that specific Prefix/Suffix that you want to increase your players power!

these are the basics of the crafting system in Exodium.


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