Fire Magic: Tier 1

1 of the 7 magics players can use.Fire magic is very offensive and has various skills to control the flow of combat. on this page you can read about the Tier 1 Fire skills. Tier 1 Skills are generic skills and are for lower level characters.

_____________Heat Intensive

  • Passive. +1 Fire Resistance

_____________Fire Pillar

  • Standard. Range 3. On target square a large pillar of fire rises out of the ground. anyone who moves into the square takes 2d6 damage. Pillar of Fire lasts until end of casters next turn.

_____________Searing Touch

  • Standard. Range 1. Zeal vs AC. you ignite your hands with fire energy and attack your target dealing 1d12 Fire damage. CRITICAL: inflicts a minor Burn on the target, making the target take 1d6 fire damage at the beginning of their next turn. lasts 1 turn.

_____________Fire Stream

  • Standard. Range 4. Acumen vs Ref. The Fire energy within your swells and you channel it to your hands and unleash a stream of fire in front of you dealing 1d6 damage to anything 4 squares in front of yourself.

_____________Fire Javelin

  • Standard. Range 3. Acumen vs AC. You conjure a flaming javelin and throw it at your target dealing 1d12 Fire damage. if there is another character behind the target, it is also hit and takes 1d6 damage. CRITICAL: target takes 1d12 instead of 1d6.

_____________Fire Toss

  • Standard. Range 4. Acumen vs AC. you conjure a ball of fire in your palm and toss it through the air, making an arc, and landing on the target dealing 1d8 damage. you can target objects over things if it is possible to throw something over, and hit them with this attack.

_____________Fire Wall

  • Standard. Range 3. you summon a wall of fire that is 4 squares in length. any character who walks through it or into it takes 2d6 fire damage.

_____________Will of Fire

  • Minor. Range 3. target cannot be slowed by water/ice spells for 2 turns.


  • Free. Creates a little ball of fire that follows you and spreads light 4 squares from wherever you stand. lasts 5 turns.

_____________Fire Tomb

  • Minor. Range 2. Acumen vs Ref. you wrap the target in fire, encasing them as if they were in a tomb. if the target moves while under the effect of the spell they will take 1d12 damage. if you miss, the target deftly dodges the en-tombing and has to move 1 square away from where the spell was cast on.


  • Standard. Range 3. Acumen vs Fort. Burns the target with hot flame, making the target take 1d4 damage each turn for 3 turns.

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