Force Magic: Tier 1

1 of the 7 magics players can use. Force Magic has a plethora of knockbacks, knockdowns and all kinds of spells that “move” objects. on this page you can read about the Tier 1 Force skills. Tier 1 Skills are generic skills and are for lower level characters.

_____________Force Endowment

  • Passive. Force resistance +1

_____________Levitate Object

  • Minor. Range 3. Levitates target object off the ground 1 vertical and the object stays levitated until start of your next turn

_____________Levitating Uppercut

  • Standard. Range 1. Zeal vs AC. Hits the target in an uppercut motion, pushing them upwards and leaving them 1 vertical square in the air, levitating until end of turn. Deals 1d6 initial damage and 1d6 when they fall when your end turns.(to make it easy, just roll 2d6)

_____________Force Punch

  • Standard. Range 1; Touch Attack. Zeal vs AC. You focus force energy into your fist(or whatever weapon you may be using) and slam it against your target dealing 2d6 Force damage

_____________Push Object

  • Standard. Range 2. Push object 3 squares backwards. deals no damage

_____________Push Objects

  • Standard. Range 3; Conal. objects caught in the conal blast are pushed back 2 squares. can hit up to 3 objects.


  • Standard. Range 2. Acumen vs AC. Slam the target with Force energy dealing 1d8 damage. CRITICAL: the target bleeds from the taking, taking 1d4 each turn for the next 2 turns.

_____________Gravity Hold

  • Minor. Range 5. Target is immobilized for 1 turn.

_____________Gravity Well

  • Standard. Range 3; AoE 3. Creates a gravity well AoE 3 wide in selected area. all targets who walk into the area or are in the area its casted upon are slowed until they move out of the well’s range

_____________Force Sphere

  • Minor. Range 2; AoE1. Force energy is expanded around the target to form a protective sphere. no targets can walk into the sphere, if they try to they are pushed back 1 square.

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