The early history of the Jovunsce is unknown and is even unknown even to themselves. they assume that their original forms looked something similar to an Eel, most likely brought from earth and put into the surrounding environment on the planet the Jovunsce currently live on. The Jovunsce themselves know they were once sea dwelling creatures that eventually become omnivores and learned how to go from sea to land, eventually creating tribes and creating a society that involved hunting, gathering and the pursuit of understanding their planet. The odd ecology of their world most likely due to the fallout of the first interstellar war and the Jovunsce’s rise to sentience could have been caused by this; some believe human scientists were attempting to uplift the Eel in this new environment but were interupted by the war.

The Jovunsce’s form during the time when it dwelled on land was something akin to a snake that had grown long three-fingered arms that grew from their side. there were 3 arms on each side of their bodies, and they could intertwine if the Jovunsce needed more precise strength or increased eloqution. Just alike all races in the universe of Exodium, the Jovunsce eventually gained the ability to utilize magic. The specific magic the Jovunsce used was force magic and they were quite good at it; so good that they dis-avowed the used of other magic types. The Jovunsce had no use for weaponry other than to hunt, their society was very peaceful and was essentially an isolated paradise.

The first time the Jovunsce actually used their skills and magic for combat was when their planet was invaded by the Megiddians. the Megiddian reacted harshly to the sight of the Jovunsce, and being controlled by the Overlord, the Megiddians attacked the Jovunsce. This event spiraled into a war that flared up several times, 6 in total. the resolution to the 6th war was due to the nature of how the Jovunsce had changed: they had gone back to their original forms when they once lived in the sea, although their length stayed the same, loosing their arms in the process. But the Jovunsce had evolved to the point where body did not matter anymore, because they had gotten so good at force magic that they now envelope themselves in a type of magical fluid; this fluid acts as a way for the Jovunsce to move around freely and also pick up objects using Force magic, as well as repel enemies and crush objects. This step in evolution had served well for the Jovunsce as they were then able to drive out the Megiddian forces from their planet and from most parts of their solar system.

The Jovunsce are now creating a technological empire to defend themselves from future attacks and also to possibly corner the Megiddians and destroy them throughout the galaxy.


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