Marksmanship Mastery: Tier 1

1 of the 3 Mastery’s players can use. Marksmanship Mastery focuses on weapons that shoot projectiles or are thrown. on this page you can read about the Tier 1 Marksmanship skills. Tier 1 Skills are generic skills and are for lower level characters.

_____________Ranged Weapon Expertise

  • Passive. increases damage and hit rolls of ranged weapons by +1/2/3/4/5

_____________Load Ammo

  • Free Action. Loads new ammo into weapon or switches to a different thrown weapon.

_____________Double Shot

  • Standard. Shoot two projectiles at one or two targets. WBD/WBR

_____________Precision Shot

  • Standard. WBD/WBR. Focus on your target and shoot/throw a projectile with precision.
  • increases hit chance by +2/3/4/5/6 but reduces damage by –1/1/2/2/3

_____________Take Aim

  • Standard. Take careful aim at a target. your next attack will have a 100% chance of hitting the target.


  • Standard. WBD/WBR. shoot/throw a series of projectiles at the target and everything AoE1 around it.
  • Roll for each target being hit.

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