Mastery Pages Complete. Changes to Flow of Combat

finally i got to it and created pages for the three mastery;s, and you can now look at them under Masteries and Magics. you may notice some differences from the mastery pages and the magic pages. this difference is because the magic pages where created when i was still using the normal D&D system, AC and all that. since i’ve created my own, those magic skills needed to be altered to better accommodate these changes. i’m also making changes to the new system i came up with as well. its fairly simple at that

instead of DC players have Armor and Evasion scores. Armor is a passive score based off of the total armor given from the players armor pieces, their NA(Natural Armor) and their MA(Magic Armor). Armor reduces the total amount of damage when you take damage. the highest total armor possible is 100, giving you 95% damage reduction. this is a total of each type of armor and it cannot go over 100**for now**

players roll to evade when they are being attacked. just how you roll a D20 to hit someone with an attack, and add modifiers to your hit roll (and subsequent damage roll if you hit the target), you roll a D20 to see if you evade the attack; as well as adding related modifiers to enhance your chances to evade. originally you could not evade if your armor score was higher than your evasion score; but because of the math and making both or one or the other a passive or actively rolled score, that system was too complex or just flat out did not work. this system work alot better and is the simple system i was working for. i want the flow of combat to be simple, quick; but yet different from D&D and unique to make it stand out and be a different experience.

with this system, the new stat Cunning was added. this stat effects your Evasion Mod. i also added the mod calculations on the character attributes page to better understand how they’re added up.

so i’m going to go back through all the magics and get rid of the “vs. AC”, as well as bolding any +’s and i’ve adding two new acronym’s with the addition of the Mastery skills:WBD(Weapon Based Damage) and WBR(Weapon Based Range). most, if not all, magic’s in tier 1 wont use WBD/WBR , but the ones in tier 2 and higher most likely will.

i’m glad to see my blog has ~1300 views 🙂 thanks to everyone who’s viewed my blog over the past few months. keep viewing it every week!

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Slow week; Other Races

havent been feeling very well this week, so i havent focused much on exodium. i hope this next week i will feel better so i can upload new info onto the website and start working on new things

roughly a week or 2 ago i had a nice brainstorm late at night , and it led to two new races. these are non-playable races but they will be ones players can encounter in the Exodium universe. the two new races are: The Insane Legion of Waal and the Wanderers of Mib’doluur. hope you like them! more races will come along through development, especially if i have really good brainstorms 🙂

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4/21/11: Updates

i’ve finished the tier 1 mastery skills and will start putting them on the blog for people to see. they are very simple skills and passives, so dont expect anything amazing. the reason is because the tier 1 skills for magic/mastery’s act as catalysts for one another. these basic skills are basic because they will be combined together to make the Hybrid Skills in tier 2 and up.

Tier 2 and up will have skills that are stronger skills unique to various magic’s and mastery’s. i felt like excluding some skills because i dont want player to be too strong at the start, and i feel that some skills should be accessable later; in this case in Tier 2.

i havent yet figured out what level players would have to be to reach the various tiers. i’m thinking maybe level 10 would be a good level for players to be high enough to access a new tier. because the way it works is based upon the amount of skills points one person puts into a specific magic/mastery.  10 points in one would unlock everything in tier 2, and so on. so i might make it so you get 2 skill points per level, so players can have access to some hybrid skills once they reach tier 2. and players wont have to worry about Tertiary Hybrid skills in tier 2, as there wont be any. i think Tertiary skills will be in tier 3 and up, maybe tier 4 and up; not sure.

i’ve also done some wonderful creative thinking about 2 unique alien races players can encounter in Exodium. i’ll figure out a page for them sometime soon, and i think people will like these first two i thought up of randomly before i went to be 2 nights ago in like 30 minutes 🙂

i have also done some research on possible names for the prefixes and suffixes for the modifier on equipment. since there are 26 prefixes and 26 suffixes, and i think there will be 4-6 levels for each of those midifiers, i’m gonna need to come up with 300 different names for each modifier type. i think i’ve got maybe a 100 alreay that i spent like 45 minutes coming up with them via the web.

i most likely wont make a large update till next week because i’m focusing on going to a rave this weekend. i’m very excited so thats my main goal for this week 🙂

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Character Attributes

today i finished the Character Attributes page. it explains it a good amount of detail the different Attributes every player will have as well as the Defense values.

each Attribute is explained in what it effects an how. compared to some RPG’s, the array of different stats is more than usual. i did this so players can perfectly create their characters while working in a system that is not “broken”.

any and all  contributions and opinions are welcome 🙂

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4/13/2011: Skills Update, Area’s

finally finished the pages for the 7 types of magic and their Tier 1 skills!

currently working on skills for the 3 masteries, hope to have those done by the weekend.


i also started brainstorming the different types of area’s players will play the game in. heres a short list i made today in class.

  • Ship-Ship  Combat. fight inside the hull of ships. boarding actions.
  • Satellite Bases
  • Caverns within large rocks in space
  • Moon Bases/ outposts on large planetary bodies that have no atmosphere.
  • ”             ”   Fields * the ”  ” is going to be a name of something. i have yet to come up with it yet.
  • Planet Surfaces
  • Under water, underwater caverns, underwater cities
  • Sky battles, cities in the sky.
  • Forrests, swamps, savannah’s, barren wastelands, deserts, glaciers, volcano’s, winter/summer/fall/spring climates.
  • Cities and villages. above and under ground. Feral and Advanced.


Possibly some kind of Dream World , as well as Other Dimensions and alternate realities. lots of different settings.

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To do List (24% Completion)

today i created a “To Do” list for Exodium. out of 25 points, 6 of them are completed. out of 100% completion, that’s 24%! its great to realize that my game is roughly 1/4 complete 🙂 if i keep up this pace, i could have it ready to play in 3 months or less! feels good man. Here’s the list. ( * )= complete , (  )= not complete

EDIT: 4/7/2011 : Prefix/Suffix pages done!

  • ( * ) Synopsis
  • ( * ) Game Backstory
  • ( * ) All Main Races’ Backstories
  • ( * ) Skill System
  • (  ) Mastery & Magic Related Skills: Tier 1  **In Progress**
  • (  ) Mastery & Magic Related Skills: Tier 2
  • (  ) Mastery & Magic Related Skills: Tier 3
  • (  ) Unique Race Bonuses/Skills
  • (  ) 100% Understand the OGL&SRD Dcouments
  • (  ) Memorize as much of the 3.5e D&D Rules as possible( I’m using most of the 3.5e Rule Set for Exodium)
  • (  ) Weapon Lists
  • (  ) Armor Lists
  • (  ) Accessory Lists
  • ( * ) Crafting System
  • ( * ) List of Prefixes
  • ( * ) List of Suffixes
  • (  ) Other Alien Races
  • (  ) Specify Alien Races Habitats
  • (  ) Solar systems and their properties and their respective planets properties
  • (  ) Creature/Fauna Lists
  • (  ) Specify where each Creature/Fauna exist
  • ( * ) Quest System
  • ( ) NPC’s
  • (  ) Contant for Missions/Quests-Story elements  **this will probably be last , as this will take a lot of time; more than any of the other items on the list**
  • (  ) Factions
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Skill System, OGL 3.5e SRD Rule Set

recent page added explains the skill system i developed for the game. i like it, as its fairly simple but is also complex and is a bit of a combination of skill systems i’ve seen in various games i’ve played. i would have to say that , 5 Tiers for skills might be too much 🙂 quite possibly it’ll just be 3 at the start; no doubt it will go up over time with release of new levels and new content for said levels.

i’ve been doing alot of research and such and i found out about the OGL and the SRD that Wizards of the Cost created. at first i thought this was bad news for me, but in turn i think it was good; as i plan now to use the 3.5e SRD rules for my game. i’m only doing this because the rules i was going to make very much mirror the ones from 4e. so, might as well just use the OGL so i can freely use the 3.5e rules without being sued or anything like that. plus, those rules have already been made, so i dont have to spend any time making rules myself. this may sound like a cheap way to get out of things, but i really do agree that the rule set created by WotC is very good and very simple. the real originality from my game is the story and the skill system, as well as some other things. and to be honest, thats really where alot of games get their praise for. rule sets and dice rolls and RNG’s; they’ve all been re-used many times. its hard and nearly impossible to re-invent the wheel when the wheel already works so good that theres no point in re-inventing it.

me and a friend are working on the skills themselves for the 7 magics and the 3 mastery’s. i think by this weekend i’ll post some info about where we’ve gotten so far.

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