Shapeshift Magic: Tier 1

1 of the 7 magics players can use.Shapeshift Magic is a unique magic allowing players to morph objects and their bodies to vary’ing degrees. on this page you can read about the Tier 1 Shapeshift skills. Tier 1 Skills are generic skills and are for lower level characters.


_____________Terrain Shift

  • Standard. This skill allows you to morph into your surroundings. you can only go 1 square deep into the object, making outside actions possible. to hit you. you can move along the object during your next subsequent turns.When moving inside the object, you cannot use any standard actions. when moving in the object, you move at half your speed. uses a minor action to un-morph.
  • when you un-morph and use a standard action on a target, you gain +2 to hit rolls


  • Free. Passive.
  • You become more aware of whats around you and intently focus on what happens for the next 12 hours. you can use it again after resting.
  • increases exp gain by 10%, but lowers all rolls by -1.
  • **using Learn grants you learn exp. each hour you are under the ffect of Learn you gain L’exp. you save up L’exp and it is used to learn other skills. some skills solely rely on L’exp

_____________Change Entity

  • Standard. you change the properties of your body and attune them to different magical properties. pick and physical resistance and a magical resistance; you gain +1 to those resistances for the rest of the battle or until you use this skill again to change which properties you are attuned to.

_____________Shift into Small Bird

  • Minor. Standard to un-shift. You take the form of a small bird
  • S.Bird Form allows you to fly, as well as go over any type of terrain with ease. Makes all attacks against you “- vs Reflex”. reduces your AC by half. skills that normally target Fort or Will still do so. you gain +3 to Reflex checks. your Speed increases by 3

_____________Weapon Shift(Sword)

  • Minor. Turns a misc. object in your hand into a 1d8 sword. The shifted weapon lasts 4 turns.
  • Gains properties of the misc. item you morphed it from.

_____________Arrow Shift

  • Minor. uses target object to create arrows/bolts/ammo. ammo gains properties from the item used.
  • gain 10 ammunition. lasts 5 turns.

_____________Make Shift Home

  • Standard. Daily skill. Use the earth around you to create a house. It will last 24 hours. you and your party can take an extended rest in the house.


  • Standard. Range 4. Acumen vs AC.
  • Contorts the target’s body randomly and then back again; the strain on the targets body causes it to take 2d6 Shapeshift damage.


  • Standard. Range 4. Acumen vs. AC
  • Shift the ground under the target to create a gaping hole that the target falls in to. does 1d8 Shapeshift damage. the target is then pushed back up after the casters turn ends, because of the spells effects wearing off.


  • Minor. Range 3. Acumen vs Will.
  • Blinds the target for 3 turns. they get -2 to attack rolls.



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