Sigmure’phon Slaves

The Sigmure’phon are a race enslaved by the astral being known as Kreesha. Sigmure’phon’s have an ellipse shaped torsos and abdomen, their legs are long and pointed and connect to the body. The legs of a Sigmure’phon do not bend much, only high up where their “knee” is at, this allows them to walk easily. Sigmure’phon’s have a unique technique that combined wind and force magic that allows them to hop-teleport short distances, this technique is their primary form of transport and makes them useful in hauling cargo. the head of a Sigmure’phon has two part: first , its neck is shaped like the trunk of an elephant and is several meters long. Their heads cannot pivot like a humans can, but they can easily look around with their long necks. The head of a Sigmure’phon is shaped like a slug; small tendrils over the mouth hide their rows of sharp teeth and their eye’s are comprised of long stalks with the eye’s being on the top of them; some even have up to 6 stalks but the most common is two.

Kreesha is an astral being that formed during the creation of a planet within the same solar system that the Sigmure’phon live in. Kreesha is a gluttonous queen that uses the Sigmure’phon’s for her own desires, primarily the goo secreted on the body of the Sigmure’phon; it is a mild toxin that is not poisonous to Kreesha but instead acts as a heavy hallucinogen which the astral being indulges in daily.

The Sigmure’phon’s hive is located in a large moon that orbits a gas giant. they live within the pressurized caverns deep within the moon. the Sigmure’phon’s are semi-intelligent beings, their want for knowledge quelled once they were taken control of by Kreesha.


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