Skill System

the skill system for Exodium is very unique , in that it combines concepts from a couple different games.

first off, players gain skill points when they level up. at first you get 2 skill points per level, but it increases when you hit certain levels in order for you to get more skills. this applies to enemies as well, so don’t think your player will be over powered!

now, there are three different Mastery’s. these are based on the type of weapons in the game: two-handed weapons, one handed weapons and ranged weapons. there could be more mastery’s later on, but at the start there will be three. the names for these mastery’s are : Bastion(Two-handed), Mercurial(One-handed) and Marksmanship(Ranged).

so whats unique about this Mastery system? each mastery has its own amount of skill points. this will be hard to explain to let me try and do explain with an example. A player at lvl1 starts with a dagger, which means he’s leveling up in the Mercurial mastery. let say he gets to level 4 and decides he wants to try and 2-handed weapon, a halberd or a bastard sword. when the player changes to the Bastion mastery, he goes to level 1; because his level in Bastion Mastery is lvl1. but, he keeps his level in Mercurial and can go back to it whenever he switches back to a one-handed weapon. This system allows players to keep their character without having to re-roll a new one if they dislike using a particular mastery. i got this idea from FFXI, where you can be every class in the game on one character and can switch between them inside your mog house. i liked the idea a lot because i never had to make a new character if i wanted to try a different class.

now that that is understood, lets go onto the skill themselves.

the skills are broken down in this way: Each mastery has its own skill bar. skills that relate to the weapons of that mastery; quite simple. but each player has access to the 7 different kinds of magic in the game: Wind, Life, Death, Fire, Water, Force, Shapeshift. not only that, but there are 5 tiers for all skills; related to magic and mastery skills. Mastery skills are mainly passives and some basic non-magic special attacks, but the higher tiers of mastery skills are skills that use some of the different magics applied to their attacks. compared to other games where these tiers would just be stronger spells, in Exodium the skills in higher tiers are Hybrid skills. this means that they have requirements that use parts of different kinds of magics to make it work.

for example, if you have points in water and fire and get to tier 2, you can possibly get magics that combine fire and water; something like steam, a steam elemental or a blast of hot steam or turning water into steam. whatever. as you go into higher tiers you will get more unique skills that may need more than 2 different magic types for you to use them. Fire/Death/Force in tier 4 may unlock a summonable creature made of these magic types that you can control each turn. or it could be a rotting fireball you conjure and push at your enemy, knocking them back 4 spaces, exploding and hitting the enemy and everything where it lands as well as leaving a rot on the enemy lasting 4 turns. something crazy like that!

the higher tiers for mastery skills will be imbuing weapons with magics and skills that utilize a couple magics with your weapons to create crazy weapon combo’s you can unleash upon your foes.

separate pages will be made for each magic, detailing the magic type and listing the skills for each tier in that magic type.

Exodium character have passive Abilities that players all naturally have but when you create a character you choose 4 of these to be proficient in. this will add a considerable bonus to those abilities. this will be a way for players to tailor themselves to be able to do specific things very well and is the *only* thing you cannot “reset” in Exodium. you can reset skill points, but not abilities. Abilities level up as you use them (this will be called the exp modifier) and are also effected by stats as well. so players can create a character that can have high climb and jump abilities, and increase their Androitness to gain a larger bonus to their jump and climb checks; making it much easier for them to do these abilities. a separate page will be made for all the abilities and which stats effect them.


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