The Backstory

this page will detail the backstory of the Exodium universe. it will explain the events before the current time.

It Begins with the evolution of humans to where they reach the point to use magic. They develop the ability to use magic over a long period of time. at first they could only shift and lift objects, but eventually these powers grew and allowed them to throw objects and lift extremely heavy objects. objects could be torn apart and crushed and expanded.

as time passed Guilds formed. these guilds were meant to study and archive all magical knowledge. Magi were known to be the users and scholars of magic. new kinds of magics eventually came to be. Force, Water, Fire, Air, Shapeshift, Life and Death magics are all of the types of magic that were eventually founded by magi.

Centuries passed, magic became common amongst all humans. it became an innate ability they all possessed. Eventually the world the humans lived on become technologically advanced. The sciences grew and grew from old times to the new age. Motor vehicles, Fast trains on magnet-rails, fast air-ships that traveled the globe and superior navel fortresses were some of mankinds highest achievements.

at a certain point in time, humans had found what scientists called a “portal”. It was a kind of gateway that could lead to anywhere in the universe. it was the first of its kind that the humans had found, and it was very mysterious. the humans had no idea how it got there or where it could have come from. But it was active, and it seemed to be in working order. a small group of men and women were tasked to go through the open portal. scientists predicted that it would probably lead them to another planet or even into space itself; so the expeditors had helmets and tanks of oxygen in case they appeared in a vacuum or on a planet with little to no oxygen in the atmosphere. The trip through the portal was recorded on video and audio for the whole world to see. The humans walked through the portal and appeared on the other side; into a large cavern. they walked along what seemed to be a winding path upwards. eventually they reached the surface into what appeared to be a swamp-like area. They used instruments to see if the air was breathable, and it was even though there were higher amounts of nitrogen than what was on earth. The sky was a mute gray at the time, and there was a gentle breeze. They could not see any visible moons from where they stood; it appeared to be day time. the gravity was a bit stronger than earth’s, but not too strong. the human race had successfully traversed into a new world, the first that their kind has ever set foot on.

Overtime the human race sent in more and more expeditions. they set up camps and eventually started to create maps for the world and learned of its nature. cities were eventually erected and many people flocked to the new world, hoping for a new life or just to see what it was like. after a few decades, the human race had stretched itself over the entire surface of the new planet as well as reaping the rewards of its metal and natural gases and oils. new species were founded and science grew even further. new technologies were created, and life looked great for the human race. The scientific community set out to see if there was another one of these portals some where on the planet. eventually they did find another one. This led the scientists to believe that these portals were left behind by an old alien race that used to inhabit these planets, and that they used them as quick transportation between one another. where this old race was or what happened to them was anybodies guess.

Mankind continued to find more and more portals, stretching their collective being across the galaxy. the size of the human race reached hundreds of billions of people, on a hundred planets.

~~  The First Interstellar War  ~~

After some time a horrendous event happened. The race that had originally created the portal that the humans had been using to traverse the galaxy had come back! they were not happy about the human race and what they had done to their planets, so the old alien race, known as the Progenitors, declared all-out war on the human race. Thus began the first interstellar war between two different races. human and progenitor fought in space and on the surface of dozens of planets. Thousands of battles were won and lost, billions of humans and progenitors died. The war lasted 55 years. Humans had technology that could fold space, which allowed them to quickly regroup their forces and help out planets that were under siege. It also allowed them to setup sneak attacks on the progenitors. The humans ended up winning the war, but without great cost. The Progenitors had gone back to their side of the universe, but they had also disabled all of the portals the humans had been using. this made it harder for the human race to regroup and it ended up cutting off many planets from one another. the majority of the human fleet was destroyed, so going from solar system to solar system was a lengthy task. most of the fleet defended the humans home world in case the progenitors came back.

the conclusion of the war with the progenitors created a dark age as the human race was spread far and wide across their galaxy. defenseless, many of the planets had infighting amongst themselves, some were attacked by rogue alien races. many planets were unable to re-couperate because of the devastation caused by the war.

overtime the human race gradually fell apart, some dying out completely; many captured by new alien races. but the remaining ones regrouped in what ways they could and vowed to become strong enough to take back the galaxy and even destroy the progenitors

That is how the story ends, and how it begins. The left over human race is known as the Zev. they exist in a galaxy full of alien races and the masterful progenitors of which the Zev did battle with for 55 years, back when they were still human.


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  1. Jase

    November 14, 2012 at 12:30 pm

    Hey, I saw on miniwargaming that you used to play 40k. I am moving to Parkersville, WV and would love to find some people to play. Can you please shoot me a quick email and tell me where I can find some people to play with in the area? Thank you. —Jase


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