The Bohrdoon

The Bohrdoon are a race created from the essence of The Overlord. The overlord was a omnipotent being created along with the gas giant that is the home to the Bohrdoon. The Overlord created a race called the Templars, they were his servants. as the overlord was creating his Templar armies and creating his cities on the moons of their homeworld, the Zev launched an invasion on the Bohrdoon. the invasion led to the destruction of the Templar race, but the overlord decided to destroy himself which caused the Zev invading forces to be destroyed. The sacrifice caused the overlord to be entombed, as his essence was the only thing left of him.

the remaining Templars vowed to protect the tomb of the overlord and became the high priests which reside in the grand palace of the overlord and keep his essence intact. over a period of time the high priests thought of a way to use the overlords essence. they took a piece of the overlords essence and created new beings, the Bohrdoon. the Bohrdoon are not automatons, they have emotions and opinions of their own. They are very powerful as they are born from the essence of the overlord.

The priests began to create large armies of the Bohrdoon. the Bohrdoon wish to enact vengeance against the Zev for what they did to the Templar race. They believe it is the Zev’s fault for causing their overlord to sacrifice himself for the safety of the Templars.

The Overlord was created out of pure wind and force energy, during the creation of the gas giant that the Bohrdoon reside on. they call this giant Bordalus. It is obvious where the high priests got the name for the new race, as they wanted it to symbolize a rebirth of their overlord.

The Bohrdoon look like “beings of light”. they have clothes and equipment and hazy eyes. their skin is a wavy color of green, but some have been seen in shades of blue,brown and crimson red. their eyes and mouths are generally the opposite color of their skin. they have no sex as they are created a-sexually.

The Bohrdoon are building up their forces. they’re rebuilding the great Templar metropolises and are planning on colonizing the local habitable planet in their solar system. their primary goal is to destroy the Zev at any cost, as they perceive them as an immediate threat to their existence.


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