The Insane Legion of Waal

Based in their Home world of Keensh. a Legion of insane combatants led by a tyrant named, simply, Waal. The ILW are crazed fighters. brute force and mechanical procession wins them battles over and over. Because of their insane tactics, their home world is a rotting industrial foundry. the planet is dotted with chemical plants, foundries, smiths and nuclear power plants. The ILW are human in nature, but over time they have developed very strong muscles. they tend to use their hands in combat, using special fist weapons and claws to rend their enemies. many of their warriors are precise javelin throwers and they are quite accurate. their weapons are made of a steel that is made from a unique metal found in their solarsystems’ asteroid belts; it allows for their weapons to be thin yet extremely strong.

the ILW is fairly small because they fight too much. loosing their numbers greatly from wars. many people have not tried to take over their planet, as the ILW has suicide bombers in orbit on a constant watch, making it almost impossible to raid their homeworld.

the ILW have long arms and are fairly beastial looking, although they sport cranium augmentations which allows them to see in any light and docks them into the network they use as communication. other than that, their intelligence is actually quite low and they dont delve much into philosophy.

The warrior legions are not very smart pre se. usually one Vizier leads each legion , the Vizier being picked by Wal himself and instructed in the Great Palaces’ Warp Chamber to learn abilities to control their legions and be powerful magi themselves.

Wal is the most recent Ruler. the Ruler of the Insane Legions changes often , as there is generally a lot of internal dispute and infighting occurs. Wal has reignrf for 3 generations, the longest of any Grand Ruler of the Insane Legions.


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