The K’tchek

during the end of the war against the Progenitors and the humans, many of the humans were captured and killed by other alien races that took advantage of the havoc wrought by the interstellar war.

One alien race called the Thek captured a large amount of humans from a small planet in a cut-off solar system. the humans were subjected to different tests by the Thek scientists. The scientists tested various components on the humans , to see what they would do to them; to study and analyze their properties. These humans had become tests subjects for some crazed alien race. many of the humans died from the tests performed on them, but most did end up surviving. they became heavily mutated and ended up having parts of their organs changed for the better. The scientists had no idea they were in fact creating a superior race to even themselves. the mutated humans did not know this either, until they realized they had telepathic powers and began to converse with one another.

the compound that changed them into this new form was a type of ore the Thek had found. it was melted down, and then injected into the humans veins. when this ore was melted down it would become a clear liquid and look like water. but in reality, this ore was composed of organisms that combined together and hardened. melting the ore releases them back to their small amoeba like forms. these organisms spread throughout the humans bodies and then combined with them on the chemical level. after awhile the organisms hardened again, giving the humans a silvery metallic skin and strong organs that would last centuries. these organisms gave these humans new powers as well as newly evolved bodies.

the humans had planned through their telepathy on a way to get out of their prison cells. the doors had no guards, but they were locked by a device on the outside. they figured out they could emit a type of signal through their new tendril-like arms, which could possibly disable the device. they worked out how to disable it and all planned on doing it at the same time. they emitted a few different kinds of sounds by rubbing their tendrils together, and one frequency ended up shorting out the electricity to the device keeping their cells locked, and they were able to escape.

the humans ran for their only exit option, the hangar bays in the ship. they ran for the ships in the hangar. The Thek have very advanced ships that could lock onto certain band of lights and use them to travel in different dimensions to any destination. the humans commandered as many of these ships as possible and all followed each other on a random direction in space.

after a few days of traveling on the unique theta band, they reached a solar system. it was one that had been touched by the interstellar war, but it was one of those battles were both sides wiped each other out and the planets surfaces were covered in chemical fire. the humans had landed on the only planet they saw that had life on it. the fires on the planet would only last so long, so it was not a surprise to see new life on the planet. but it was odd that there would be a primitive civilization as well. its possible some humans had survived, but it was hard to tell.

the humans landed on this new planet. the primitive race on the planet greeted them with open arms, and acted as if they were gods. it was no surprise, as the mutations that changed the humans captured by the Thek had made them around 8 feet tall and they had swooped down in the brilliant looking Thek ships. The humans had found out the name of this species, called the K’tchek. the humans did not feel human anymore, obviously, and so they adopted the name to be their own. the new K’tchek’s became the rulers of the planet. they used their scientific knowledge, as well as new knowledge gained by reverse engineering the Thek ships, and their new magical powers to turn the primitive K’tchek’s into what the mutated humans had become. Eventually they all looked this way, with some of their own unique differences, and the revitalization of this new species had begun.

The K’tchek are a imperial race that values their empire. they wish to expand their influence across the galaxy and take part in every kind of pleasure they can find. they are scholarly and nice people. most of the K’tchek are part of the military, making their military might very strong; especially when they’re powered by new models of the Thek engine. they dislike crazed scientific studies; so naturally they dislike the Zev. they love nature and have a beautiful planet and architecture that molds with the surrounding environment.


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