The Megiddian

The Megiddian race lives in a solar system that is quite far from the Zev and Bohrdoons solar systems. the Zev and Bohrdoon have never seen the Megiddian race before. Their solar system is untouched by space fairing races, containing massive amounts of asteroids and few planets containing lots of metals and one gas giant.

The planet the Megiddian are from  is called Megidio and is very interesting. It is covered completely on its surface by rich forests. the oceans are beneath the forest and that’s how it gets its water. the flow of the water is controlled by a being called the Old One. the Old One is made up of what is called the Exian Latticc, a large expansive root system that is above ground near the top of the trees. The Old One controls everything; it is a powerful and very convincing being.

The Old One was created when the Overlord, from the Templar planet, sacrificed himself to save his people and push back the Zev invasion. The destruction of the Overlord caused a rip in space and a small wormhole formed and closed within seconds. part of the overlords essence, a decently large piece, went through the wormhole and ended up in the system where Megidio was located. it ended up being absorbed by a mammal race, which caused its evolution to happen faster and they ended up at the top of the food chain. over time this mammalian race ended up realizing their existence was futile and they converted themselves into the Exian Latticc. At the moment when they collectively became one, is when the Overlord was re-awakened on Megidio and ended up calling himself the Old One. The Overlords original plan was to control the galaxy, but the Zev but an end to that (whether they knew his intentions or not). Now he can re-start his conquest for galaxy domination.

The Old One helped push along a type of plant to become what the Megiddians are today. They resemble humans but have a unique latent ability. The Megiddian race can control the Electro Magnetic Radiation they give off. they can change between the visible and non-visible light spectrums with a single thought. they can turn their arm into radio waves and then turn everything below their waist into gamma rays. This gave rise to a unique power combined with their magical abilities and prowess with weapons made from plants and animals. the new force the Old One wanted was created. The Megiddian have no facial features, just a head with slight indentations where eyes might be. the color and pattern on their skin is not the same and they all look very unique because of this. They live in cities that exist in the large trunks of the tree’s that cover the planets surface.

The Megiddian race is subjected to the control of the Old One and they believe him to be a god, as they have been told. The Megiddian still have normal needs and wants but the Old One is essentially their religion, as they see it as a god. But, when a Megiddian is away from their planet, the Old One cannot subdue them as well s he can when they’re on Megidio. This fact allows Megiddian players to not have to do what the Old One wants and do whatever they want in the galaxy; Megiddians are prone to do this and it a common “coming of age” kind of ritual with new generations.

Megiddians do not have total freedom when they are away from Megidio. The Old one isn’t stupid. She ship’s the Megiddian have created are made up of parts of the Exian Latticc, so the Old One is still able to control them while they’re on the ship. But it is not uncommon for a few Megiddian people to suddenly go missing on some planets and moons that the Old One has them visit.

The Megiddian can survive in outer space because they do not need oxygen to survive. all they need to survive is electro magnetic fields. they have crafted special suits they wear as they travel away from their own planet. these suits are made up of a compound that emits an electro magnetic field as long as light can be absorbed. if there is no light around, the field will last for a day or so before the field being emitted is destroyed.


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