The Wanderers of Mib’doluur

a Cult to a Deity known as Mib’doluur. The cult was created on a human planet that was cut off after the first interstellar war. religion some how came back in force on the planet and the wanderers were the product of this religious uprising. a war caused a large portion of the remaining population to die out. the technology was destroyed and the culture shifted back to a more nomadic and ancient kind of society.

a large portion of their home planet became a sand dune as the planet slowly dried out. it had a problem before with water, and had technology that sustained thousands of miles of land that the people used for crops and living areas. once those technologies were destroyed, the ecosystem had a massive change and many species died during this period. but, this also caused for a mass change and new species arose from this.

The large dune cities are created by using fire magic to create glass. the glass is molded using force and shapeshift energy to create giant glass cities. the glass can be, and usually is, tempered to be darker and opaque so you cant see through it; this also reflects less sun and the cities look like a dull form of smooth stone and not so much like glass.

The Wanderers of Mib’doluur study magic and philosophies in their cities. their bodies have changed to not needing much water or nutrients, and thus have become very weak. many of the Wanderers infuse themselves with various Avatars that they create themselves, summoning these beasts from other realms and periods of time; as well as the ones on their planet. this being true, the Wanderers have no true distinctive property to them and are hard to figure out if a thing is in fact one of these wanderers( some wanderers fuse with statues and act as guards for the city)

The Wanderers care only for their utopia and look down upon those who disturb their rest and solitude. the Wanderers are very powerful in every which way and are not a force you want to go at alone. they have no way to traverse space and have stayed on their planet for as long as their order has existed. they have ways of getting off of their planet, using a kind of magic to shift through space-time and appear randomly through the galaxy, but they don’t often use this magic and condemn those that do. many of their members are forced into exile through this ability; this is how their presence was felt in the galaxy as a wanderer that was exiled suddenly appeared inside a Zev shape-ship, morphed into the hull while it was docked in space.


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