The Zev

The Zev is one of the last known human races, especially because of its ability to produce amazing technology: weapons and blades that rip through space time to strike an enemy multiple times in the future, or to hit them in the back even when they’re right in front of them. technology that rips matter apart and re-assembles it into something else based on the elemental components in the molecules that were torn asunder. The Zev prided themselves in their inept prowess in Shapeshift magic; so much that they have gained the ability to morph their bodies with other objects.

The Zev’s philosophy is based upon the idea of progressing evolution through the means of technology. So, the Zev have done countless experiments that would seem insane and crude and evil, in order to find new knowledge that would later be used to create all new forms of toxins, chemicals, viruses and cures for everything.

A “con” that the Zev race has is that their amazing prowess with Shapeshift magic has made them very weak in the other magics; but they found a work around. using technology, they combine themselves with all kinds of tech that they specifically create to enhance their lost ability in the various different kinds of magic. For example, Flamethrowers used to channel fire magic. Matter re-assemblers are used to channel Life magic. All different kinds of technology that they invented and created have allowed them to cheat and still use all the different kinds of magic.

The Zev may appear evil to some, but theyre scholarly people who may do “evil” acts , but it’s merely out of their want and desire for new knowledge. The Zev never truly feel like they’ve learned everything or have created the best possible version of a specific technology; so they keep on going until they meet their end or they change they’re minds; or if their race is wiped out totally by an alien invasion.


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