Water Magic: Tier 1

1 of the 7 magics players can use. Water Magic is a blend of offensive and defensive spells. on this page you can read about the Tier 1 Water skills. Tier 1 Skills are generic skills and are for lower level characters.

_____________Cold Blooded

  • Passive. +1 to water resistance.

_____________Wall of Water

  • Standard. Range 1(Adjacent to caster); Width 3. Roll 1d20 + Acumen modifier. That score is the wall’s HP. The wall will block all in-coming damage from that direction. The wall will disappear if either dispelled,goes to 0 hp or has expired after 3 turns concluding.

_____________Frozen Touch

  • Minor. Self Buff. Until end of turn, all successful attacks will slow the target.


  • Minor. Range 4; AoE 2. Using water magic , you cause a leak in the ground up to 4 squares from you. anyone who walks through it looses 2 speed until they move out of the area.

_____________Water Walking

  • Passive. allows player to effectively walk on water. You can only walk on top of water, making your speed half of what it normally is. can still use standard actions.

_____________Frozen Armor

  • Minor. Imbue your armor/kin with water energy. The water coursing over you freezes and hardens into a protective shell. Lats 2 turns, increases water resistance by +1 and slows enemies for 1 turn if they land a successful attack on the wearer of Frozen Armor.

_____________Ice Spear

  • Standard. Range 3. Conjure a large spear made of Ice and propel it at your target, dealing 2d6 upon successful hit.

_____________Frozen Earth

  • Minor. Acumen vs Fort. Freezes target enemy in place for a turn. Miss: slows them instead.


  • Standard. Range 3. Acumen vs AC. an icy stalagmite drive from beneath the surface and strikes the target. Deals 1d12 damage. CRITICAL: deals an extra 1d4 damage.


  • Standard. Range 4. Form 3 large pieces of hail in mid-air and fire them at your target. Acumen vs AC. can hit up to 3 targets within range, deals 1d6 to each target hit,

_____________Ice Shield

  • Minor. Lasts 1 turn. Increases water resistance by 1 as well as increasing AC by 2. Lasts until end of next turn.

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