Wind Magic: Tier 1

1 of the 7 magics players can use. the properties of wind are strong and have many knock backs, AOE’s and conal moves. on this page you can read about the Tier 1 Wind skills. Tier 1 Skills are generic skills and are for lower level characters.



  • Standard. Range 4. Acumen vs AC . deals 1d8 wind damage.


  • Standard. Range 2. Acumen vs AC. deals 1d6 wind damage and pushes the target backwards 2 squares. CRITICAL: target is also knocked down.

_____________Twisting Shear

  • Passive. Modifies Shear. when target is hit by shear, the target receives a 1d4 DoT that deals its damage next turn.

_____________Wind Tunnel

  • Standard. Range 2;Conal. Acumen vs AC. All enemies hit in the cone take 2d4 damage and are pushed back 1 square. Roll a D20 for each target in cone range. CRITICAL: target is knocked down

_____________Sharp Tunnel

  • Passive. Modifies Wind Tunnel. targets hit by Wind Tunnel receive a 1d4 DoT that deals its damage next turn.

_____________Wind Sphere

  • Standard. Range 4. Summons a sphere of wind energy on target square. it covers a 2-square wide area. anyone who enters the area effected by the sphere takes 1d8 damage for each turn they are in the sphere’s range and is slowed until they move out of its range.

_____________Wind Talent

  • Passive. adds +1 to wind resistance


  • Standard. Battle Power. Summon a Wind Sprite to aid you in battle. has one standard action per turn. does its turn when you do yours. the Sprite has a 1d8 heal that heals only the summoner. the sprite can cast Shear. the sprite also can put a protective wind barrier around you which will absorb the next 10 damage you take. the Sprite disappears when the battle is over.



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