World Eaters Campaign

The World Eaters are a unique race in that they use planets as energy and food. The background for this race starts back when the Progenitors and humans were fighting one another during the first interstellar war. when the progenitors fled the galaxy, they did a fair amount of damage in their wake. a fledgling race got caught by the edge of a supernova, destroying their home world. this race was fortunate enough to have unique technology that allowed them to pull apart asteroids and use the components to rebuild their ship and build new ships as well as create fuel and use other materials for foods supplies. This race was semi-unaware of the blast until their scientists had caught a glimpse of the supernova, as did most of their species. gladly, the majority of this race was saved as they fled to their Omniship, the ship they had fashioned a decade before the supernova become visible in the sky of their home world, which was capable of decomposing giant asteroids and ice of a greater magnitude than their previous Resource Ships.

This race then set out through the galaxy, trying to hopefully find a new planet to land on and use as their new home. but as they traversed space, they saw the massive destruction the fighting between the humans and progenitors had caused very few planets were even able to sustain life, especially their own race. but they used their ships impressive power to use some of these “dead” planets for resources. to their surprise they were easily able to rip apart planets. this yielded much better results than asteroids and comets and was much more beneficial for the rebuilding process of their race.

The first problem the World Eaters faced was when they came upon the planet of the Insane Legion of Waal. both sides were not prepared for the battle that soon came about. The World Eaters had taken a few of the ILW’s planets in their home solarsystem, but the ILW were holding their ground on the last remaining planets. the World Eaters had sustained a fair amount of damage and was using a heavy defensive strategy to try and recouperate their forces. their primary ship, the Omni, was damaged and is unable to “eat” any planets in its current condition. the rebuilding process is underway and their defensive fleet is holding off the rediculous combat tactics the ILW is using to defeat the World Eaters.

The role players have in this campaign is several. Each primary race has seen this dispute between the World Eaters and the ILW as a way to gain new technologies, slaves and resources for their own uses. players have been tasked by the Vigor Faction, a Faction that has influence on many worlds and races, to push either side into winning. players can aid the ILW, the World Eaters or try and destroy both. This campaign takes place within the ILW’s main solarsystem and players will do battle in space, on spaceships and on planets. This campaign works well for fresh characters, those lvl1-5, and is meant to be a starting campaign for players. Being the first actual Exodium campaign, this works out well! :P. This campaign is meant for 3 or more players, maximum amount would probably be 6 players; the difficulty would increase as more players are added. This campaign should end with each player being at or around level 20. lots of small incursions and large battles and objective based quests and time-based battles will be used throughout the campaign battles.


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